As 2021 speeds ahead, I have a psychic message for you:



If your first name begins with B, C, F, N, P  
This is your message: 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”.
So said a wise man named Rumi.

Any hurt or loss you have experienced has turned you into a kinder more compassionate human being. Events have made you who you are today, so have no regrets.

Your mind and soul is connecting more closely these days, and as the year progresses expect to be driven by emotion and not logic. Emotion, those urges you have (even the small ones like to ring someone or read something), is the voice of your soul telling you what it wants to experience. So even if those urges do not always make practical sense – listen anyway. 

Your soul says “I am here to experience humanity in all it’s glory and fragility before returning to the Light”.



As 2021 speeds ahead, I have a psychic message for you. 

If your first name begins with D, L, M, O, U 
This is your message: 

Awakening Your True Self

You are beginning (or will in the year ahead) to return to your natural, happy self. This means your sense of humour and your lust for life is coming back. You’ve been through a period when you just haven’t felt like yourself, a little lost – but now my darling you are re-emerging.

 Maybe someone caused you to lose your way, or it was the result of difficult times. Either way – Welcome back, it’s so good to see you again. And my, aren’t you stronger and brighter than ever before!

Trust that any confusion or changes that may be happening right now are for your good, allow these changes to happen. Know that you are building a solid foundation for the future in the year ahead. Happier … and interesting times ahead.


As 2021 speeds ahead, I have a psychic message for you. 

If your first name begins with J, H, K, Q or S
This is your message: 

You have asked for help and it is coming.
If you or a loved one has health issues … the angels are directing powerful healing energy towards you in the coming months. 

 Or maybe you are worried about a situation in your life  – to do with work, finances, home or family. This situation will receive a miracle healing or abundance of luck – finally resolving so that you can move on with your life. No more doubt. No more worry. Freedom.

Believe. Believe. This is a time of miracles.


As 2021 speeds ahead, I have a psychic message for you. 

If your first name begins with A, E, I, R, X
This is your message: 

Albert Einstein once famously said that the most important decision we ever make is whether we believe we live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe.

Basically he meant the more hostile we think the universe is, the more hostile it is likely to prove. For example, if you don’t think people are nice, chances are, you will give them fewer opportunities to prove you wrong. 

The Universe wants you to know it is friendly and will work with you, as long as you see it that way. If life goes ‘wrong’ occasionally, it does not mean the universe is hostile.  Always remember, you are living in a friendly world, one with endless capacity for love and happiness.

An opportunity is coming your way … and it is important that you remember this guidance when it does.

As 2021 speeds ahead, I have a psychic message for you. 

If your first name begins with G, T, V, W, Y, Z
This is your message: 

Nothing stands in the way of your dreams this year. It may feel like there are obstacles sometimes. But remember,  no obstacle will be placed in your way that you cannot overcome. 

Higher Powers are testing you, they want you to develop a ‘never give up’ attitude. 

They want you to be persistent, because that is the only way to make progress in life. To finish what you start. To keep chipping away.

When you have proven consistency and persistence, they will open many more exciting doors for you. 

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