John Holland Tarot Card Reading
Cards: Psychic Tarot by John Holland


Stand Your Ground Tarot Card

Stand Your Ground – Psychic Tarot 

It may be that you are being tested and challenged right now. Know that you have the strength and courage to stand your ground, no matter how daunting things appear. Don’t surrender or give up the control you have. Be brave and remain true to your core life values and belief system.

Take care of your health and stay strong, so that you have the energy to move ahead. Obstacles are likely to disappear quite suddenly, and ultimately, victory will be yours.



Traditional tarot archetype: 7 of Wands



Patience Tarot Card John Holland

Patience – Psychic Tarot

This card signifies the need for patience, self-control and moderation.  It can refer to your dealings with other people, or yourself. It could be how you handle study, the people in your life, projects you are undertaking or the spiritual path before you.

Be gentle and trust that everything is moving in the right direction.

The Patience card reminds you to listen to other people’s ideas, and to share yours. In reaching out to humanity you’ll become more aware of the miracles around you as well as the ones that you have a hand in creating.



Traditional tarot archetype: Temperance



Awareness – Psychic Tarot 

This is a reminder that you possess all the tools to guide and direct your life. Whether it’s wisdom, intuition, psychic skills, creativity, love, will power or physical health – they are all part of you. Once you learn to tap into your inner resources, you’ll be amazed by the results.

Now is a powerful time of manifestation for you. Keep faith that you can direct your life in whatever direction you wish to.

Magical success will be yours.


Traditional tarot archetype: Magician


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