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How to read auras

That’s me on the right! 

I have a mixture of yellow, blue and green in my aura.
Yellow is associated with communication skills.
Green is a loving heart and fondness of nature.
Blue is spiritual knowledge.


The actress Gwyneth Paltrow is on the left.
Notice the yellow dominant over her head. Acting requires a great deal of communication in order to portray a character. 


And the beautiful innocent pure white light in the center is a dog.  Notice he also has a lot of purple light around him, typically associated with psychic abilities. According to studies by the scientist, Rupert Sheldrake dogs know much more than we realise.  Listen to him talk about his book: Dogs that know when their owners are coming home.

Want to know more about Auras? Check out my article, find out how to take an aura photo, and what the different colours mean. How to read auras



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