You Know What To Do

Your dream is what you daydream about, the place your mind escapes to when you’re bored or dissatisfied with your day.

Where do you escape to?

Your daydreams are messages from your soul about your purpose.
They tell you what your heart desires.
They show you where your destiny lies.

But don’t expect it to be easy.
Following your soul purpose probably requires breaking out of your comfort zone. It’s not meant to be easy! You may need to leave a job, end a relationship or relocate.
There are no guarantees of success.
There will be risks.
It can be hard to get started.
It can be scary.

But –

The thing about soul purpose is that if you don’t listen, it will niggle and niggle and niggle – invade your mind and make it difficult for you to settle or devote yourself to any other situation.

Daydreams are real guidance.
Trust them.
Trust yourself.



Start Afresh

You are guided to start afresh.
It may be that you have fulfilled some dreams already, and now it’s time to try something new.
Or it may be that you are confused about the way forward.

Time to start again and consider your options anew.

You are guided to dream BIGGER for yourself.

No more working to just pay the bills.
Instead find work that makes you FEEL good.

No more tinkering with a healthy lifestyle, take it seriously.

No more talking about the travel you want to do, put a savings goal in place and make it happen.

No more settling because you think you’re not good enough. You are no different to every other soul in this world. No better, no worse.

If you hear a voice in your head saying things like:

* I don’t have enough money
* I can’t stop myself
* Other people have it easier
* I’m too old/not pretty enough/talented enough
* I’m living in the wrong place
* I’m too scared

Then know EVERYONE hears that voice (including me). The difference is that some people choose to ignore it.

What will you do?



Build On Dreams

You are guided to build on something you have already invested time in.

That may mean building on:

Something you have already studied or taken a workshop in.

An activity/hobby that you enjoy. For example, if you like using oracle cards for yourself, consider giving readings to friends and family. 

A business you have investigated or started.

A book or project you have started, maybe even put down.

Acknowledge a recurring feeling you’ve had to move on in some way. This could be from a job, location or other situation personal to you.


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