Do we have a future? Tarot reading


Are you
  • Worried about your current relationship?
  • Wondering if he or she is The One for you?


  • Two page, 12 card reading
  • Discover your karma as a couple, what life lesson you are learning
  • Find out how he/she really feels about you
  • What the next 18 months hold for you as a couple


  • One page, 5 card reading
  • We will assess your current situation
  • Discover what the next 6 months hold for you as a couple


Up to 5 working days (Mon-Fri).

If you want to ask several questions about different areas of your life, please book a phone reading instead. This will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like!

Bonus: When you order a reading, you are automatically entered into Karina’s Circle.

€95 is about:

£82 sterling
$110 US dollars
$150 Australian dollars

€45 is about:

£38 sterling
$51 US dollars
$71 Australian dollars

Please note, currencies fluctuate daily. For a more precise conversion, use an online currency converter


So sorry, but due to a backlog,  Karina is unable to take on any more readings at present.

 She will announce on Facebook, when she is open for orders again.  


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