Share The Love Psychic Tarot

Card: The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland

Your Name Begins with ‘V’

You received this Tarot card today, dearest V

Your message today is: Share The Love 

It is by offering to help others at this time, that you achieve what you need. 

You may be in a fortunate position, that you have spare time on your hands – so ask, how can I use that time to help others? It may be in the ‘real’ world, or online. 

Even if you are busy, be aware of small opportunities to help others at the moment. It could be someone in work needs a helping hand, or a friend or neighbour. It is through helping others at this time, that the angels deliver opportunities and ideas to you. 

Don’t worry about the how’s or why’s right now.  Or what this message even means! Your only task is to stay alert to ways of helping others at the moment, even the little things count. 

Additional Meanings

** Ring a friend you have been thinking about.
** By studying at this time, you will meet like-minded friends. 

~ Karina ~ 

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