• Your spiritual gift (everyone has one).
  • What training you require to open your gift.
  • How to work with your gift and perhaps even help others.

What You Receive

  • A pre-call assessment designed to uncover your hidden talent.
  • 40 minute Skype/phone call with Karina to analyse your results.

    Karina uses astrology, numerology and Tarot to unlock your potential and provide you with the next steps.

  • Bonus: When you order a reading, you are automatically entered into Karina’s Circle.

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Fill out the form below – hit submit and pay.
  2. After payment you will be redirected and asked to complete an assessment questionnaire. You can do this in your own time.
  3. Karina will email you to arrange a time for your call.


Price: €100.00

US Dollars: $115*
Pound Stg: £85*
Australian dollars: $114*

* Estimates. Currencies can fluctuate

Pay by credit card
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Price: 100,00 €

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