You were attracted to the aqua-marine witch ball?

Your past life message: 

Your Love Life Is Affected By Past Lives

Your love life is affected by one or more of your previous lifetimes. Most likely you had a painful experience in a previous life that now causes you to be instinctively overly cautious.

Alternatively it may be that you had the most amazing love, and since that life time, no-one comes close to offering you the same emotional experience in this life. Can you sense your lover, perhaps in your dreams?

Break free from the past, allow yourself to fully experience the joys of this life completely. Whatever it has to offer.


You were attracted to the multi-colour witch ball?

Your past life message: 

You Were A Medicine Man or Woman

It is revealed that you were a healer in a past life. You have brought this knowledge into this life, and it is embedded in your subconscious. This is why your natural gift may suddenly appear out of the blue. You are simply ‘remembering’.

You were drawn to this witch ball to help you gain confidence as a healer. Perhaps you are taking classes or entering a healing profession. While there are no guarantees of success, you have a calling which could form the basis of a successful practice. If you are already following this path, the advice is, work harder because you are gifted.




You were attracted to the deep pink witch ball?

Your past life message: 

Your Past Life Was Lived Among The Stars

Your soul has occupied other bodies on different planets. In fact, this may be your first time on planet Earth. Earthly customs like marriage and parenthood aren’t natural to you, so you may put them off (perhaps indefinitely) or partake reluctantly. Your sensitive nature is assaulted by harsh energies and the physical violence presented on the news.

You just want to get along with everyone without arguing, and be kind. You may find relationships confusing and feel more at home with technology, astrology, ufology, science-fiction or energy healing. 



You were attracted to the green and yellow witch ball?

Your past life message: 

Your Past Life Caused Your Phobias

You have a phobia which has a basis in a past life. Common past-life phobias include:

* Fear of having anything around your neck (perhaps the result of hanging, choking or strangling)
* Water (drowning)
* Crowds (maybe you were publically humiliated?)
*  Chronic pain (an injury to that area in a previous life?)
*  Confined spaces (buried in a landslide?)

Phobias can be unique and quirky – loud noises, animals and so on.

Some phobias or past life experiences can inhibit our progress. For example someone who experiences a financial loss in a past life may be unwilling to take risks in this life.  Or someone has a bad relationship in a past life and naturally finds it difficult to trust people in this life.

By directly acknowledging that your fears have no basis in this life, you will free yourself from them.


About Witch Balls

Witch balls are hollow spheres of coloured glass. Traditionally they were hung in windows to ward off evil witches and negative spirits. The negative spirits would touch the balls, and become trapped inside like a prison.

Nowadays witch balls tend to be associated with good luck.  Hang from the window or rest on a small cushion.


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