Your Angel Time Meaning 




Spend a little time doing something that makes you happy. Plan something that you can look forward to, even if that’s just a lazy day on your own. The 3’s are lyrical in nature, reminding you to see the beauty around you, it will increase the joy in your heart. Do something just for you on a whim!



One little extra push and soon you’ll be in greener pastures. Don’t give up. So many people give up on their dreams without realizing they were just on the cusp of manifesting them.


If life has become a little dull or disappointing, your angels are trying to make you aware of opportunities if you would only open your eyes. But perhaps you’re already doing this?

 Maybe you are now grabbing opportunities when they arise and have stopped worrying so much about the outcome. If so, your angels are saying “YES congratulations, you are on the right path!” Joy comes in the DOING (journey), and not the end destination. If you keep this in mind, you will release all fear of trying something new because the outcome isn’t important.



Keep those less fortunate than you in mind, for they need your loving thoughts and healing wishes. As you are reminded how lucky you are compared to others, your beautiful thoughts increase the radiance of the atmosphere around you. Literally you radiate beauty! 



Your prayers for guidance on how to change your life have been heard by the angels. You have received your answer, you know what the next step is … take it and don’t worry about the outcome or where it will lead. You simply can’t predict more than a few months ahead at this time. 



The angels guide you to make your health and mental well-being a priority, even if that means you can do less for others.Your body is the vehicle through which you experience life. It is imperative to look after it as best you can, for it will determine the level at which you enjoy life and interact with others.



Why Am I Seeing Repetitive Numbers?

Perhaps you are seeing 11:11 or 3:33 … whatever number you are seeing, you ‘sense’ there is a message behind it. If only you could figure it out, right? See more on repetitive numbers

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