Highly recommend Karina, her grounded wisdom really is second to none. If you are seeking out a beautiful guide to assist you with life's most pressing questions Karina is the absolute perfect fit. Warm, personable & simply a delight to connect with that is highly knowledgeable in her gifts of God where she conveys the unknown or unseen in such a relatable & tangible way. She speaks from the heart, it's been a pleasure to have her read for me.
Karina was right on about everything. She was able to give me details about my life, that other readers were never able to give. I would get general answers with zero details. Karina genuinely has a great gift. She makes you feel comfortable instantly and I have recommended her to all of my family and friends! Thank you Karina, I will be talking with you again soon❣
Karina tells is like it is and that is so empowering. Today was my first reading with her (finally, have been following her on FB for over a year) and it was total enlightenment. Before the session I was lost and now just minutes after the call I am living with a purpose and goal in mind. I jumped off the phone and invested in her new book and so looking forward to diving into that. Thank you for the powerful reading and confidence boost Karina - excited to see what lies ahead and I will definitely be meeting with you again soon. Hugs!
Hey there! It’s always enlightening to speak to you. Everything you said was my exact thought and confirmation of my path in this life. Thank you so much for the recommendations. I feel blessed having cross path with you because you seem to be a denomination that I go to whenever I am sure to do something but just need that extra assurance. Thank you for being my guardian angel on earth. God bless. X
Malaysia 2019
What a great mini reading. I look forward to the outcome.
I would highly recommend Karina. I have done a reading with her and I follow all her post and they are 100% and help me every time. Karina, God bless. #hearts 😊
Cehrin Elyas
I have had a few readings over the years and Karina has by far been the best. So far, many things she said would happen, certainly has! Still waiting on a few, but that will come with time. I’ve spent lots of money on psychics, but Karina is by far the best! Very accurate and thorough. She is the only psychic I trust and my go-to. Thanks Karina for all your guidance!!
California 2019
I have been dealing with Karina for a few years now, she is an extremely gifted woman, I can honestly say not many could possibly come close to her accuracy. I’m blessed to have had her guide me through life and at times have no idea what I would have done with out her. I recommended a million star rating plus.
UK 2019
Hi Karina, Thank you for the reading. You described us both perfectly . This is my first ever reading but from the cards that turned up for me it looks like I am currently on the right path. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings. Thank you again, it has been a very positive experience.
Ireland 2019
I have just had the most amazing telephone reading with Karina. Thank you so much for the wonderful insight and your advice on how to move forward. It is rare nowadays to find authentic psychic, healers and I wish to confirm that she is the best psychic/medium/healer I have ever had the honour to come across. Thanks again.
Giuliana Bruce
UK 2019
Good morning dear Karina My reading was amazing and I feel uplifted and looking forward to what ever unfolds for me in the future. Thank you.
Italy 2019
Fabulous lady, very intuitive and good. And also very kind. I would highly recommend her.
Siobhán Ní Ghadhra
Ireland 2019
Karina is awesome! Such a beautiful person and a great reader!!!!! I needed to hear her message and I can’t wait to get going now! I highly recommend her for anyone needing help!!!!!!
Teresa Annunziata
USA 2019
Good morning dear Karina. My reading was amazing and I feel uplifted and looking forward to what ever unfolds for me in the future. Thank you.
Australia 2019
On 22nd January I had a Skype Reading with Karina. My reading makes sense right now!! 22nd February my life changed dramatically. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. This has been my life changer!! 6 months later I'm currently changing career paths from a Support Worker working with people with mental disabilities and now currently studying to obtain my certificate in Real Estate 👍👊 I found Karina's guidance was very accurate, healing & encouraging. I recommend Karina to anyone who is open to receive & listen to the guidance that's going to benefit you upon your journey 💖💖💖💖 Thank you Karina xx
Boo Robinson
Hi Karina, I had a reading with you at the beginning of December 2017. I had one specific question that I needed an answer to – I had wanted to put my business up for sale and wondered was it the right thing to do. You told me a man would make an offer and it would be all done and dusted in seven months. That gave me hope and peace of mind. You then said I would take a few months off to relax afterwards. Well I am delighted to say an offer was made and I closed eight months later. I am now taking the time to relax and re-energise myself. I look forward now to the next phase of our lives as you could see us doing something else together. So, thank you so much for the reading and I would highly recommend you to anyone, especially if they have a particular question they would really like an answer to.
Ireland 2018
Hi Karina,I really want to thank you from the heart, because this reading is so important to me. You are really born with a gift, and for sharing it in this professional way I thank you. I wish the best for you in everything, too.Laura, Italy 2018Your reading has been scarily accurate about present concerns and I’ve no doubt the outcome will come to pass just as you’ve described. I did have a reading with a medium three years ago who told me very similar things.
UK 2018
You are magical. Everything from A to Z is true. Most importantly, your reading is empowering despite the sadness I fight today.  I always tell folks, don't get a reading unless you are ready for your truth to be shown to you and that great readings, like yours, are gentle confirmations of what we know deep inside, but many times ignore. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and being a conduit for Spirit. You have no idea how much I needed this. You're wonderful! Thank you for this. I will be recommending you to all these New Yorkers here 🙂
New York 2018
I just wanted to touch base one week on to say how much i appreciated the session with you and how motivating it has been. You are so incredibly intuitive and it gave me a kick start. Thank you so so much and I'm beginning to feel alive again. By the time we have our next appointment, things should have moved on.
Ireland 2018
I can't thank you enough for the chat this morning. I have felt a sense of calmness since and that's because you have reassured me of the path ahead. I think I was afraid to take that step forward but I now know that I deserve what's ahead. You're so amazing at what you do, my energy is so much more aligned now. I know my purpose is so much bigger than I realise and I look forward to the journey ahead.
Peridot Crystal - Free Reading
Ireland 2018
Thank you so much for our Facetime reading.  I’m amazed how much you picked up from me as we discussed, this is not a normal place for me to be, without a lot of anxiety and control issues.  I am excited about the path before me so thank you.
Virginia, USA 2018
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful, insightful reading. Thank you so much! I feel so uplifted and inspired after hearing from you, as usual, and this time felt very special.
UK 2018
Thank you Karina for this amazing reading! I resonated so much with what you said and you were spot on, I left feeling much more positive and aware of what next steps I needed to take on my path and feel as if so much anxiety has been lifted off my shoulders.
UK 2018
Dear Karina. I decided to write and say a big thank you for being with me and helping me in sorting my life. I’m with you, getting readings, for a good 5 years and you never been wrong. You always say as it is, no matter what. You predicted my husband, my wedding. I’m so glad I found you. At the moment we are struggling, but you gave me hope. Today I looked at the song by Birthday, a post you did on Facebook. My birthday falls on Thursday this year and the song was our wedding song. That’s so crazy unbelievable!! That’s I believe a sign that everything will be sorted in a good way for me and my husband. Thank you again very much xxxx
UK 2018
I took your reading to Arizona with me and read it before I went in for my interview. I rocked it and got accepted to vet school - you were right thank you so much, my reading, What Is My Life Purpose. It helped me a lot.
Hi Karina, Just wanted to say thank you very much for our spiritual assessment (what is my life purpose?) yesterday! It was a real eye opener and I am still full with a buzz of excitement!! So thank you soooooo much!! I am really excited!!Thank you so much again.  You have such a wonderful energy!! I absolutely loved it, and I am sure I will contact you again at some point!! Lots of love.
No one else has ever been able to tell me exactly what my purpose is. Karina, on the other hand, nailed it. It resonated so deeply for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Not only did Karina give me an answer to a question I've had my whole life, she gave me steps and tools to help me move towards manifesting it into my life. Karina also gave me information about my soul and why I am the way I am; she pointed out things I've never shared with anyone and mentioned other things that I didn't even know about myself! In taking her advice, I am already receiving concrete and tangible confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. I don't feel lost anymore or like I have no direction. I am so, so happy and grateful I found Karina because this assessment changed my life in the best way.
Thank you so much for everything. It was truly an amazing and meaningful reading. I just don’t know what else to say. Sincere gratitude. I’m so glad i connected with you. I have recommended you to several friends.
USA, 2017
Love it! Thank you so much, Love getting your answers to my questions. You are always spot on honestly. Thanks again.
Ireland, 2017
Hi Karina, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for my reading. I had to pause and take a minute a few times as it was so accurate, i had to swallow the lump in my throat and hold back my tears.
Australia, 2017
Just wanted to put into writing how lovely it was talking to you today, how grateful I am you are here on this adventure with all of us, especially me. We are all so fortunate having you here. Look forward to our next conversation. Thanks again Karina. Sending love and blessings from my heart to yours.
California, USA, 2017
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I definitely resonate with it. I was just telling myself the other day that there are things I still need to work on myself. I cancelled my memberships on dating sites and will follow your advice as I feel it is really what I need to do. Thanks again and Blessings to you!
USA, 2017
Hi Karina, just want to thank you again for the wonderful phone reading you gave me the other day. Really enjoyed our connection and your reading was insightful and inspiring. I will let you know how my journey continues. Thank you, you are amazing!!!
New Zealand, 2017
Dear Karina,I wanted to thank you once again for your help, motivation and guidance on our call. It was very nice speaking to you and hearing all the things you said about what you see for me and my career. I will let you know how it goes 🙂
Spain, 2017
Thank you Karina. Spot on! And your answers have helped me enormously. I've had a huge clearing today.
New South Wales, 2017
Karina, Thank you so much for your advice you are spot on from start to finish . Thank you for giving me the confidence to start and work through my fears. I have been following your page for a while and I must say you'd caught my attention straight away from the posts you share with us . I don't usually rate psychics or mediums as I feel many are still on their journey to develop their gifts fully yet. You truly are an Earth Angel. Your voice and words emit all things positive and a true guidance. Earth Angels work amongst us but only a few pure are sent forth and I am sure am seeing one. Thank you so much once again for your help.
Ireland, 2017
I purchased the same reading over a year ago and your words probably saved my life in what was the worst year of my life. Your predictions were accurate and referring to them throughout the year gave me strength and positivity to carry on. I believe I have come out the other end of a dark night of the soul, my year of spiritual growth. I am a changed woman in every sense of the word, and now wondering what the future has in store again.
Spain, 2017
Hi Karina- once again you made me optimistic about the future. I haven't felt this great in a long time.  More like a sense that everything is going to be ok. Appreciate your reading and honesty. 
New York, USA, 2017
Thanks for a wonderful chat - the path is clear now and I am motivated to live an exciting life!
Thank you so much, absolutely spot on!  Think I knew it but sometimes I think you need someone else to tell you the same as you can get quite enclosed in your own bubble and sometimes can't see a way forward.
Ireland, 2017
Wow.. Thank you so much Karina. I started to calm down immediately because I realize I have been quantum leaping in my head and letting my fears cloud my intuition. As always, your reading came in the perfect timing and always with so much positivity . Thank you for that 🙂 Much love to you.
Washington, USA, 2017
I just had to send you a note to say that with the current events going on for me in the past week the 6 month card reading all makes complete and perfect sense to me now.  Every single bit of it and it didn't necessarily fit when I got the info in February.  Sometimes life takes some curveballs and I'm really so happy I had the 6 month card reading already so I felt more confident that a good outcome will happen eventually. Thank you again, you have been a blessing to me!
USA, 2017
Thank you for such an incredibly insightful and accurate reading! I sure do appreciate your thoughtful words and support, along with the guidance and heart-filling positive messages. I so needed them 🙂 I will leave feedback on your Facebook site, but wanted to respond privately as well.
California, USA, 2016
Karina I can't thank you enough for your powerful support have been so overwhelmed by aspects of it all, I really appreciate your message it has given me such comfort your gift is so special, when things calm down would love to come to meet you, your help has been so wonderful in times of deep doubt, take care.
Ireland, 2016
I just had a reading with Karina and it was amazing! Exactly what I needed to hear. She was really on point to a lot of what was going on in my life, and I would recommend her readings to anyone on the fence of trying! Was great! Thank you!!!
California, USA, 2016
Thanks Karina, you're great. I feel a total sense of relief, I kept looking at your page for a reading so happy I did now, your accuracy is unreal.
Cork, Ireland, 2016
I cannot thank you enough for the lovely email I got yesterday. I felt like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. …. Karina u are truly unique. I hope u are rewarded for all the help u give to others.. I really feel like I'm talking to a real life angel.
Northern Ireland, 2016
Thank you so much for this email reading. I woke up this morning and first thing I did was read this. It brought tears of happiness to my eyes. You are so very talented in your gifts, I am so very honored and grateful for receiving this reading from you. This definitely gave me some closure. It's funny that you say that the angels say they could write a book about me, I have been on and off writing a memoir of my life. Thank you again for this reading.
New York, USA, 2016
Thank you Karina. Just as you said, my gut was giving me the answer after all…. I can now confidently say YES!! because you helped me to see my gut has not betrayed me.
Australia, 2016
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the spiritual assessment (Life Purpose reading). I really enjoyed our call and I'm excited to pursue this with all that I have. Again I just wanted to thank you for your time and I look forward to further contact.
Thank you hun!! Oh I am so excited!!! Funny you mention someone with sandy blonde hair and not too tall in your email. I met someone the other day named who fits that description. I used to be a chef so that is why you saw all of the cooking around me. I so love you for this. There are just not enough ways to thank you. Tons of love sent to you. I am so grateful.
New York, 2016
Hello Karina! I just wanted to let you know that pretty much everything in the last reading I had from you has come to pass. And the timing is spot on. We are leaving for Washington … … Its amazing how the universe responds once you align yourself with your purpose. I just wanted to let you know that your last one was spot on.
USA, 2016
Thank you so so much. I am in shock and I feel incredibly blessed. Everything you said in this reading is absolutely true. 
USA, 2016
Dear Karina. Let me start by saying that you are truly blessed, I am really impressed as you have told me things you could not guess with the small amount of information I gave you, you are very lucky to have such gift, to be able to speak with Angels. Look how accurate you have been…. Again thank you so much and I will definitely come back to have my boost on positive energy. Take good care of you.
Caribbean, 2015
Thank you so much for the reading. I appreciate your time and what you had to say. I apologize for taking so long in responding back. I needed time to process what you wrote. I'm surprised with your accuracy, considering we are so far away from each other, but at the same time, I know you and know your guidance is spirit filled….. Without your reading, I wouldn't have been able to put certain things into perspective and feel like I have more contemplating to do. May god or the universe continue to bless you Karina! Your light shines and I'm grateful I saw it shine. It's an honor to have a reading done by you. All the best and in love and light.
USA, 2015
I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift with me. You've given me a peace beyond words, which is priceless. You very much undercharge for your services, but I'm glad I got them at such an affordable rate. It was lovely talking to you finally, you've been an angel in my life.
USA, 2015
Thank you so much Karina, you amazingly answered two important questions for me without me even asking! You are amazing!
USA, 2015
Thank you for the very informative and enjoyable spiritual assessment call! It was amazing and so nice to talk to someone who understands.
Can't thank you enough for your powerful support as always it gives me such great encouragement and insight all of which anchors Me. I am impatient by nature want things to happen yesterday. All of what you say makes complete sense thanking you so much for help, you are so amazingly talented and have helped so many.
Ireland, 2015
I had a reading from you about year ago! I must admit I was in a dark place and was hoping for some light! You have gave me a reading that was so true and brutally honest! It shocked me and I didn't like it as I was used to some sugar coating like you usually get from other mediums! But year later I realised that yours were the only accurate ones and honest! Can't wait to afford another reading from you! This time I will be definitely be in better place and ready to absorb everything you have for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
UK, 2015
Thank you so much, you are truly wonderful… And I can feel your beautiful zen vibe through this email, so thank you for that too.
UK, 2015
WOW is all i know what to say. I cried so much tears of joy from reading that. I will treasure that message forever it means the world to me. I'm still unsure how to express my gratitude for this message. I can tell you that I found your page a few years ago and have followed your teachings so closely. My Facebook settings notify me with every post you make and I try my best with each reading you offer. I love that I have started to use my intuition with readings and daily life 🙂 This is huge as I never really believed intuition was a thing.
Australia, 2015
I will never be able to express in words how much you have helped me. One day I hope to thank you in person. Hopefully on my first world tour in Ireland. Thank you again from my heart and soul.
New York, USA, 2015
Thank you very much for your reading. I think i needed this wake up call and I always kind of knew. But It feels more powerful and great to hear it from the angels. Thank you for your gifts.
Canada, USA, 2015
Karina, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I cried throughout reading my reading. It was good for me to do. You hit things on the spot in many areas….I cannot thank you enough for your insights and care.. I don't feel AS weighted and AS blue.
USA, 2015
I just felt compelled to write to you and thank you for the beautiful email reading I received last week. It answered my question perfectly. I would really like to come and see you in person sometime soon. I just wanted to thank you for what I already received off you.
Ireland, 2015
Karina can I just say: Your energy is always so positive , it is really lovely to read through your e-mails. Also, how you deal with all that psychic-stuff, your approach is absolutely refreshing and good to see.
London, 2015
I just wanted to let you know how spot on you are with this reading and how HEALING it has been for ME to receive it from you. Thank you sooooo much! I love the work you are doing on Facebook and I have told some of my spiritual friends about you. I look forward to more posts from you and hopefully I can do another reading with you in six months or so!
USA, 2014
Hi Karina , I had to message you . When you did my reading you said to me a lot of things were to come and one of them was my husband job was changing only in the last two weeks he got word that he is getting a really good job where he is working now something he didn't see coming. I just wanted to say thank you and you're amazing can't wait till the next reading….thanks ..
Mayo, Ireland, 2014
KARINA is spot on for things she tell you in her email readings and have such a jolly good heart to connect with! The angels are HAPPY that you are getting her services, have faith that your answers will come through many means, and KARINA is one of the BEST around in the WORLD! Everyone has unique style, some prefer it to be GENERAL as that is what life is about, and KARINA is one who can tell you DIRECTLY what you NEED TO DO, direct from the Divine Sources!
Jimmy Chua
Singapore, 2014
I have a lot of blind spots that I am not challenging. You have such a fantastic gift and use it so professionally. Keep up your fantastic work, thanks again for your kindness.
Dublin, Ireland, 2014
I had a personal reading with Karina. I found her so amazing. She gave me my life purpose which I'm very excited about. I would recommend Karina to everyone. Thank you Karina.
Geraldine K.
Dublin, Ireland, 2014
The reading has been incredibly accurate, every month! It astounds me how accurate and precise it has proved.
UK, 2014
Thank you so very very much! I cannot tell you how much I resonate with this! I am so pleased with you authenticity and personality, and certainly, will be working with you again.
USA, 2014
I have no words to explain you how happy you have make me feel. I haven't feel as good as today in a long, long time. Thanks for taking your time to do that special reading for me. Thanks for letting me know about my angel name.
Guadalupa, USA, 2014
Wow! So amazing. Spot on, dear friend. Thanks for your reading. You hit the nail on the head and I am grateful for your very accurate reading.
California, USA, 2014
You saw me a while back, and said that I would not get the job I sought, you were right. You saw a bolt out of the blue, you were right & it was difficult but I dealt with it. You saw that I would land a job with a female employer - I interviewed & today I was offered the position!!
Cork, Ireland, 2014
I did enjoy my reading - I am still in shock! .. I didn't expect such a concise and in depth reading with so much clear information. You were so thorough and spent a lot of time covering all the points I had wanted to know. I am so glad I contacted you. I am very excited about my future and being able to help animals….Thank you for what you have passed on to me and for being an amazing Lightworker. Phew, I have direction!
I want to say thank you for taking the time to give me such full and heartfelt answers to my email questions. Your advice has helped keep me feeling positive despite people's actions because it has given me a change of perspective. I am feeling so much better to handle things now. I truly needed your words. I look forward to the good things to come and the next time we "speak."
USA, 2014
Thank you so much for telling me my angel's name and allowing me to communicate better with her. I am elated. I had to message you. I am so thankful to you, you honestly have no idea. All night last night and today I've talked to her like she is my best friend. And out of nowhere I asked my mum if she wanted to go bingo? I've never been in my entire life and never had the urge to go. It just came into my head and I went with it. I felt super lucky and I knew she was with me. I had this strange tingly warm sensation. Basically, to cut a long story short. I won £1,000!! I've never felt such a strong feeling of presence with me ever in my life.
UK, 2014
I just wanted to write to thank you. You have changed my mood completely. I feel great since I left even kinda giddy hehe. I have'nt felt this good in an awful long time. You have a real gift and an amazing person thanks again.
Cork, Ireland, 2013
You fully nailed my personality, my weaknesses and qualities. Your reading confirmed what I knew about myself. The angel reading blew me away, told me everything I kind of already knew. You have an amazing talent Karina, I hope to keep in touch with you and purchase further readings during times of difficulty. You've raised my spirits today. I feel happy.
UK, 2013

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