Seagull spirit guide message

What it means when a SEAGULL appears to you, or you find a seagull feather

When a bird acts in an unusual way around you – for example in my case the seagull landed on my car, or maybe it swoops and grabs food out of your hand – it is trying to convey a message from the spirit world. The spirit world knows that somehow you will find your way to this page, and receive your message. 


Spiritual Meaning of the Seagull

This is the seagull that appeared to me. Interestingly enough, I just started a role as editor for – an online resource for students and teachers about climate change.  On this particular day, I had just written about the effects of climate change and pollution on the ocean. 




You feel called to do more to help the environment. Perhaps to clean the ocean and seashores. Or even your local town or community. 

You are a gifted communicator and should develop this skill to teach or raise awareness.  Follow your passion. What fires you up? Human rights, animals, environment or education perhaps?  You were born to make a difference, don’t believe otherwise. 

Spend time in nature meditating. Nature is your friend. Nature is calling to you. Mother Nature is asking you to connect with her. She will help you heal and prepare you for what is to come next. 


Fairy energy is also associated with the seagull. Those lights you sometimes see in nature. If your mental energy has been low – the fairy energy heralds a return to better health. 

If you are receiving messages, you should be reading Tarot

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