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Soul Reading Freedom Card


Your soul reminds you that you possess the power and free will to create your own happiness. 

You are not, nor ever will be a victim of circumstances. You always have free will over the choices you make. 

You can say no – even if it makes you uncomfortable. 

You can say yes – even if it scares you. 

You must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes.

You are a beautiful person. You are unique. 




Soul Reading Worry Card


Your soul acknowledges that you are finally learning that worry does not change an outcome. 

Congratulations my darling. 

You know now that worry only robs you of today. 

Worry destroys hope, it robs laughter, it steals your motivation and energy. It may even convince you that it is clever to worry. 

Instead hope for the best, and accept that life will turn out as it is meant to. 

Enjoy the journey.




Soul Reading Blame Card


Your soul gently reminds you, that no-one is to blame for your problems or your current state of well-being. 

No-one from your past or present. 

If something goes wrong, or if someone is annoying you  – ask yourself, am I letting this person influence me too much? 

If so, what am I going to do about it?

Sometimes other people are a trigger to make us act. We should not waste energy blaming them for any perceived wronged feelings. 

You have a voice, use it. 

You have a body, move it.

You always have the power to act.  



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