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Butterfly: Transformation

Your guide has given you the BUTTERFLY as your symbol of connection this year. When you are visited by the butterfly, know that your guide is present.

The butterfly works vibrationally with the number 3, and since ancient times the number 3 is associated with creative power and growth.

As the butterfly moves from one phase of life to the next, it shows a remarkable ability to adapt and grow. Only after a period of darkness can we appreciate the light.

You are experiencing a shift in awareness, the dawning realisation that it is time for change, and more importantly that you are finally READY to transform. Mostly this change will come in increments, you feel motivated do something – it could be to lose weight, learn something, travel, switch jobs – whatever it is, you are exhilarated by the journey and the results.

As you move forward, perhaps with an unfamiliar sense of joy and hope, know that you are transforming and within a year you will marvel at the journey you have travelled.

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Raven: Magick

Your guide has given you the RAVEN (black bird) as your symbol of connection this year. When you are visited by the raven, know that your guide is present.

The raven guides us to a place of personal power, healing and connection to the spirit world.

You are entering a time of ‘magick’, where anything is possible – your truest, deepest wish can be fulfilled. This refers to a wish you have desired, even craved and thought about for some time. Your desire is like an ‘ache’, a longing for what you know should be.

If this message does not resonate with you – because it should and very deeply – then you picked the wrong card. Go back and try again. 

Additional Meanings

The 24th of next month will be important.

Open your heart to the power of Prayer



LyreBird: Genetic Memory

The lyrebird mimics the sounds of the forest from hundreds of years ago. The older birds pass the sounds to the younger birds, flawlessly mimicking each other, generation after generation.

The young learn the sounds as though they were hearing them direct from their ancestors.

The lyrebird flies into your reading today to say your ancestors are whispering in your ear. You are being primed for a great time of ‘remembering’. Depending on your circumstances this ‘remembering’ may be:

* Return of knowledge gained in a past life.
* Memory from the past resurfacing as a warning not to repeat old mistakes.
* Encouragement to resurrect an old passion.

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