Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

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Hawk: Messages

Your guide has given you the HAWK as your symbolic message for the months ahead.

The hawk can look directly at the sun, without having to shut it’s eyes. Your guide will help you develop hawk-like vision, so that you can look directly at any issues in your life. He or she will illuminate you with knowledge on how to move forward and give you courage if necessary.

 The only way to soar high is to drop the emotions or situation which burden you.

Fly high and free, says your guide.

Additional Meanings

* The spirit world are sending you signs. If you are addressing problems, they send you encouragement. If you are failing to see the problem, the message is to prompt you to look harder.

* If you find a feather in the coming weeks, be sure to >> look up the meaning of feathers

* If you are pregnant, you may go into labour a few days early.






Frog: Cleansing

Your guide has given you the FROG as your symbolic message for the months ahead.

The frog promises the cleansing of our Spirit by stimulating the release of tears and pent up emotions. Allow yourself to ‘let it all out’, because it is the birth of something new. Instinctively you are preparing your body for fruitful new beginnings and the end of emotional drought.

Additional Messages

* Frog represents fertility, so a good omen for those hoping to fall pregnant.
* Give birth to the creative idea you have been harbouring.
* Consider studying or undertaking counselling.



Tasmanian Devil

A shy creature, living the life of a recluse, the Tasmanian Devil prefers to feed on road kill rather than hunting live prey. Thus, he is seen as the cleaner, the one whose responsibility it is to ensure the deceased are returned to Mother Earth, minimizing the risk of contamination of land and water ways.

The Tasmanian Devil teaches us to purify our lives and honour our body and soul. By appearing to you today, he asks you to purify some aspect of your life. The cleansing process can be as tender and healing as you like, or it can be brutal and quick. It all depends on whether you take control or just wait until fate intervenes and forces you to do so.

To remove what is stagnant in your life releases you, with it comes liberation and freedom. It will strengthen you and nourish your desire to expand.

For those of you studying or practicing mediumship, this is a sign you have great talent and can excel in your craft.


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