Your Spirit Guide Says:

The only thing that stands between you and a happier life is doubt.
My, how you tend to second guess yourself!
Will I, won’t I? Should I, shouldn’t I?
How exhausting it all is.
Even after taking a decision you still worry if it’s the right one!

I won’t tell you that you have all the answers within.
You do, but you may not believe me.

Instead, I will open your eyes:
All paths lead to the same destination.

It’s true!
Certain significant events are destined to happen in your life and you will experience them regardless of what you do.

However, the route you take to arriving at those events … there is your journey. And like with any good journey, there are many possible routes. Each route will introduce you to different people and situations. The scenery is different but the destination is the same. 

 All roads lead to Rome. Your Rome. Your destiny.

So how about you stop worrying, take the decisions you need to, and TRUST that you can’t get it ‘wrong’.

Note: If you have felt the presence of a Native American spirit guide with you – trust this to be true.


Your Spirit Guide Says:

Oh God, give me grace for this day.
Not for a lifetime, nor for next week, nor
for tomorrow, just for this day.

Enjoy this day for the experience it brings you – good, bad, challenging or pleasurable.

Have faith that tomorrow will take care of itself. Your only ‘job’, is to breathe life in as you live it – not as you may live it some time in the future. Absorb the colour.

You may protest, ‘but I don’t know what the future holds, and that worries me.’

Worry achieves nothing, it only robs you of today.

It is an illusion that we have control over the future, we can only do what we do today.

And in the greater scheme of life, that is all you are expected to do.  



Your Spirit Guide Says:

There but for the grace of God go I …

  Do not wonder if you are surrounded by the loving presence of spirit helpers. Know you are. You will have different guides throughout your life, but one guide will have been with you since childhood. This guide is so close to you, so familiar, that you can not differentiate your thoughts from his. He is your practical daily companion, the one who makes you think ‘I’ll turn left instead of right on this road’. Known, or perhaps unknown to you, he preserves you from an accident.

You could say he is an angel, but he is not. His vibration is lower, so it’s hard to tell him apart from your own thoughts.

Take a moment now, to close your eyes and thank this eternal friend for being with you.

It will give him (or her) so much joy.



Your Spirit Guide Says:

Awake sleeping beauty!

What cruel enchantment has left you unaware of your own glory?

When was the moment you decided, ‘this is all I can do, this is all I am worth’?  Perhaps it was overly critical parents or friends, a bad relationship, or something else that cast this enchantment over you. Maybe you found refuge in lowering your expectations, or relying on food or other substances for comfort.

This spell can be broken.

You can not change the past, only the hold it has on you.

Remember, it is not always easy to tell the difference between bad luck and good luck. An unpleasant parent can make you a loving one. A bad relationship can make you appreciate a good one. Failure in a job can make you more determined to succeed in another.

Awake from your slumber, don’t wait for Prince Charming (or any other outside event) to make you aware of your own glory.


Time for love?

Stop going around in circles!

Time you read your own cards?

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