Your Spirit Guide Says:

You Are Coming Alive

The blackbird is a powerful messenger.
He arrives today to announce that you are on the verge of manifesting something important, something which will make you happy at a soul level. 
It is not money. Nothing that fleeting, but rather it is something that improves your life at a deeper level. 
You may know what that thing is. You may be expecting it, hoping for it.
If you don’t know, it is simply that you are not ‘awake’ enough at this time, to truly comprehend what you need. But don’t worry, your spirit guides knows. 



Your Spirit Guide Says:

Worries Are Lifting

Worry is habit forming. When we are used to worrying, even when those worries fade away, our mind goes in search of new ones.
That feeling when your head hits the pillow – and then it begins …. the worries, like a long to do list. Think about them all before you fall asleep.
People can tell you to stop worrying. And it’s annoying isn’t it. Because they don’t worry like you do. 
No, they just choose not to worry about so many things. 

Your spirit guide arrives today to tell you – it is time to worry less – choose what you worry about more carefully.

Soon, a particular worry you have will be resolved.  This is wonderful news. But it also comes with a caution – don’t replace the void it leaves behind with another worry. 



Your Spirit Guide Says:

Life Goes On

Someone from the spirit world wants you to know, that they will find you. They will leave you a message when the time is right.  

Where and when no matter, I will find you.

Perhaps a bird will visit you.

There is no more to add to this message, other than to say – life is eternal. 

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