Example of Spiritual Art Painting
Spiritual Art Reading by Karina

Spiritual art double line, wand 

Wand Spiritual Meaning

This ancient symbols represents a WAND. The magical wand witches and wizards use.

It is a tool of communication and movement. It precedes long journeys – both physical and metaphorical (life) journeys.

By choosing the Wand today, the Universe advises you to prepare for an adventure. This adventure may involve actual travel, but it may also relate to a new activity that you are about to undertake. You are ripe for spiritual growth, to sprinkle a little magic into your own life and that of others.

Spiritual art orange chalice symbol 

Chalice Spiritual Meaning

This ancient symbols represents a CHALICE.

The Chalice represents life force (chi or prana) – the invisible cosmic energy which runs through you and permeates every living thing. It is thought that if we could harness this power more consciously (through meditation), then all sorts of miracles would be possible – including spontaneous healing and super psychic powers. Certain locations, like Lourdes are believed to have extra amounts of this life force present, which may explain the reported miracles.

If you were attracted to this image, then it means an important life event is imminent. This can take many forms, the dawn of a new love affair, pregnancy/birth, new work/business or spiritual awakening.



Circle or blade spiritual meaning

Circle Spiritual Meaning

This ancient circular symbols represents a BLADE.

The Blade represents the need to cut back on certain areas in order to let other things grow. If you were attracted to this symbol, it means you are about to cut loose from something which has restricted you. This may mean choosing how – and who you spend your day with more carefully. There was a risk that you would sacrifice a better future by settling for your current routine or situation.

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