Spiritual Message Using Caves For Inspiration

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Cave A

Your Message: Be Inspired

Your reading is inspired by the Chauvet Cave in France.

Imagine walking into this cave, you are the first human to see its interior in 30,000 years!
(Chauvet was first ‘rediscovered’ in 1994).

As you wander into the cave, you discover these paintings on it’s wall …

You are the first person to see this art in 30,000 years.

By picking this cave you are urged to find inspiration and healing in beauty. Be that listening to music, visiting a (virtual) gallery, or actively appreciating nature around you.

Problems come and go. Money comes and go. Material possessions come and go.

Raise your spirit. Stop and appreciate the beauty in your life today.

Cave B

Your Message: 

Stay Curious

Your reading is inspired by the Cosquer Cave in France. It was discovered by a deep-sea diver  in 1985. The entrance to cave is situated over 100 feet below sea level.

Imagine, when the diver entered the cave, he discovered art work – paintings of horses and other animals – which hadn’t been seen by humans for 27,000 years.

By picking this cave, you are guided to stay curious about life and seek adventure.

If a new opportunity occurs in the coming weeks – to do something – take it. Regardless of your situation or age.

Cave C

Your Message: 

Accept Others Can Change

Your reading is inspired by the Peche-Merle Cave in France. It was discovered by teenagers in 1922. Imagine their excitement to discover a cave full of painted walls which no-one had seen for 25,000 years.


The Famous Spotted Horse
Of Peche-Merle

By picking this cave, you are guided to note that someone in your life has changed their spots. 

Their attitude or behaviour has improved. 

People do change, and we should allow them a chance to do so.


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