Spiritual Message Moth
Angel and numerology meanings

If you found your way to this page …. drawn, like a moth to a flame … you need to hear this message. 

You may instantly understand the meaning. Or it may take you a few days to see how it relates to you. 

Look in the mirror, make eye contact and say ‘I love you’. Say it as though you really mean it, like you are saying it to a soul mate.

At first you may find this difficult because of what you’ve experienced over your lifetime. You may not believe it or think it sounds silly or egotistical.  Never feel embarrassed to say I love you to yourself, say it proudly. It is an affirmation of self-respect. In loving you, you are loving your Creator. You are One and the same.

When you say ‘I love you’ – and mean it – you automatically connect to the angels and spiritual realm.

Say it tonight, when you look in the mirror before going to bed, and again when you wake.

You received this message now, because in the months ahead – you will need your confidence to stand out and shine. 




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