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Where the sun was positioned in the sky at the time of your birth, dictates your Sun Sign (Star Sign). Your Sun Sign is symbolic of the image you project to the world. And what we project to the world – is usually projected back to us. When we smile, the world smiles back. 

On this special day, the Spirit world wishes to shine a light on one of your positive sun traits. It is this trait that they ask you to resurrect. 



Resurrect your mojo. You are a born fighter. This is the time to reignite your fighting spirit. Put yourself out there because adventure awaits you. Life is a journey and not an end destination.


Resurrect your self image. Loosen your grip on who you think you are, and what you can do. This is a period of transformation and you are going to be inspired to do something quite unique, something you have never done before. 


Resurrect your inner child. Life has a way of weighing us down, and you Gemini were born to light up the world with your smile and laughter. If someone or something is getting you down – speak out, and set about changing the ground rules. Your happiness and optimism is a gift to us all.


Resurrect your passion and focus. Your message is simple Cancer. Teach, write or master your talent. The spirit world say, no more – half hearted attempts. Full persistent effort and passion, nothing less will do.  Some of you, they are happy to see, are already doing this! 


Resurrect your lion roar. Step into the spot light, you were born to make an impact – to inspire, motivate, help or manage others. You may already be doing this, but 2019 is a very important year for all Leo’s. Universal energy is supporting you like no other time in your life. Use it or lose it! 


Resurrect your amazing listening abilities. You are the best empaths in the zodiac. And in a world which is becoming increasingly polarized, one side shouting at another, it is Virgo who will set the listening trend. Some of you will be drawn to studying clairaudience, counseling or management and leadership skills. 


Resurrect your desire to leave the world a more beautiful place than you found it Or perhaps you are already doing this? There are many ways to do this, the method will be unique to you. It could be cleaning up the environment, painting, design, craft, writing, inspired speech making. Whatever raises the vibration. It is your duty and mission dear Libra. 


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Resurrect your desire for truth. It may be that you find it hard to be truthful about your feelings just now – at home or in work, or in some other situation. Find your voice, the spirit say, for the truth will set you free. Additionally, some Scorpios – you have been gifted with great insight, and should trust your ability to communicate your ideas. 



Resurrect an activity that you used to do (or were thinking about doing), which would involve you with other people. Your skills, particularly your communication skills are required. Think of this as part of your life purpose, even if you don’t see how yet. 


Resurrect a long-cherished dream.  This may be something you have already tried to achieve before, but got distracted or it did not turn out as you hoped or expected. Try again! 


Resurrect your ability to channel messages from a Higher Power. As a child, or perhaps more recently, you were able to do this. Life has a habit of getting in the way (as well as skepticism and self doubt). Yes, Aquarius you are the most visionary of all the star signs because you can access information unavailable to most. 


Resurrect your self-belief. You are making a difference, one step at a time.  You are on the right path, just remember to smell the roses along the way. Day by day your life is going to become more fulfilling.  


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