Buddha Doodles Cards

Virgo & Aquarius

Buddha Doodle Fire

This month, remember you cannot change other people.
You are only responsible for your thoughts.
Rise above the tension around you, or out there in the world. Do your best to keep your thoughts loving.

 Whether you realize it or not – you have been spiritually growing this year. 
We cannot grow in a vacuum. We must experience problems to push against, in order to grow. 

As you prepare to enter 2021 – know that you are fully armed and ready to finally shine brightly.

The world is ready for you.

Pisces and Gemini

Buddha Doodle Greatness

This month you are guided to focus on the simple things that bring you joy. 
Whatever your concerns – and for some your worries may loom large – you can do nothing about them.  This too shall pass.
So bake, plant some shrubs, read, or phone a friend. I promise you, if you do this – not only will you find a reason to smile, but you will lift the energy in others around you.
The best way to heal yourself or others, is to raise your energy. 
This month, your angels draw closer to you. They want you to remember that faith is a good thing. It is joyful.
Your laughter is a gift to us all. 

Scorpio and Cancer

Buddha Doodle Heart

Listen to your heart this month. Something has been niggling at you.
You try to ignore it, but you know deep down, that you should listen. 
Perhaps you are worried that if you listen, it will require too much change or effort.
Yet listen you must. 
There are no guarantees my darling.  There is only feeling
Freedom comes when we act on our feelings.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Buddha Doodle Mindfulness

We received a similar message for you last month. The Universe reminds you to seek happiness now.
Not next month or next year when plans fall into place. But now. 
Time is precious and a gift.
This month Higher Powers guide you to walk and ‘smell the roses’.
The world is disrupted and life may not have gone to plan this year. 
Yet in the process, you have been discovering new ways to keep yourself busy. 
Whether you realize it or not, your mind has become more active and alert. 
You will reap unexpected benefits from this next year, and for many more years.


Leo and Libra

Buddha Doodle Nature

It is within the natural world, that you will experience your greatest joy right now.
Nature, animals, fresh air, vegetarian food and exercise.
This month is a time of great spiritual insight for you, and in order to make the most of it – you need to let others fend for themselves as much as possible.
In other words – grab as much ‘me time’ as you can.
This is not a luxury, but a necessity. 
What you discover by month’s end could possibly revolutionize your dreams for years to come.


Aries and Taurus

Buddha Doodle Nurture

Aries and Taurus – the best nurturers on the planet. 
It’s exhausting sometimes, isn’t it. Especially when others can’t always see the extra efforts you go to.
But at the end of the day, nothing brings you more joy than to see the happiness in a loved one’s face, or a friend or stranger, because of the help you have given. 
This month, someone new will cross your path that needs your love and attention. Depending on your circumstances, this could be a child, animal, client or colleague. 
When you reach out this time, the ripple effect will be huge. You will benefit in ways you won’t yet understand. 


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