Star Signs by Karina Collins
Buddha Doodles Cards

Virgo & Aquarius

Buddha Doodles Cards

This month, remember that you will achieve much more by doing less.
Have a priority list and do not get distracted. 
 A calm mind, is a creative and constructive mind. 


Pisces and Gemini

Buddha Doodles Cards

Remember, the Universe is on your side.
This month something will not go according to plan, but it’s just the Universe’s way of redirecting you. Trust the Universe has your back.
But oh, what lovely miracles you can expect in the end.

Leo and Cancer

Buddha Doodles Cards

This month you find yourself in a calmer place, better able to make plans for the future.
Along the way, you discover you are much more capable than you thought, so why not raise your ambitions?
The emphasis is on practical things this month –  leave the talking behind and get stuff done!

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Buddha Doodles Cards

The Universe reminds you to seek happiness now.
Not next month or next year when plans fall into place. But now. 
Time is precious and a gift.
This month, events will transpire to bring a little more balance back into your life.
Go with it. Don’t fight it, or wonder where events are leading. 

Scorpio and Libra

Dearest Scorpio and Libra, both of you share one similar trait – the tendency to shoulder other people’s burdens.
You are more than capable of course, but you also need to be told when to step back. 
This month, your spirit guides are urging you to slow down and take care of yourself. It is not selfish. So banish that thought.
Your guides have interesting plans for your future,  and they don’t want you running on half empty when things finally start to take off.

Aries and Taurus

Unicorn spiritual message

A simple message for you this month. Trust your inner unicorn.
Embrace your wild side, any opportunity to act or talk a little whacky.
It will be a great release, and whether you know it not, you need it. 
Don’t be surprised, if in the process you become inspired with thoughts about the future and start to experience renewed motivation. 

Tarot for all star signs

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