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Cold Case 

This is a COLD CASE reading. The client came to me 15 months ago. 

At the time she had just split up from her partner and wanted to know their future. 

She received The Hierophant:   

“Your relationship develops to the next level.
I hear wedding bells.” (Page 25 of Tarot in 5 Minutes). 


She was happy to hear this outcome, but was uncertain how it would come about. At the time of the reading, her partner of 10 years was refusing to discuss marriage. Finally, she had found the courage to issue an ultimatum. Time for us to get serious, or walk away, she said. He walked away. 

About 3 (painful) months apart – her partner reappeared. He said he missed her and realised how much he loved her. The time apart bought clarity, it seems. 

They married 6 months later and now they are looking forward to the birth of their first child. 

Both parties, I am delighted to say, are very happy and very much in love.



Our future is not set in stone. Sometimes the Tarot will show us what actions are necessary to achieve our desired goals (what we do, plays a part in creating our future). However, just occasionally (and mostly when a Major Arcana like the Hierophant turns up), you will discover your fate. 

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