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(Page 96 Tarot in 5 Minutes)

So you asked, “when will my life improve?” and you receive the 4 of Cups.

This card means you are waiting around for change. 

Waiting for change to happen to you

It means that there are opportunities around you, but you are failing to notice them or put the effort in. Maybe you get bored easily, give up at the first hurdle or expect things to come too easily.  

To answer your question: Life is not going to improve anytime soon.  At least, not while you are acting like the man in the 4 of Cups.

If you want life to get better – then you’re going have to work harder at it! 

It is easy to look at someone else’s life who is successful and think that they are just lucky. What we miss, is all the hours and sacrifices they have made.  

The 4 of Cups delivers a gentle kick in the butt. It tells us to stop feeling sorry for our-self, and reminds us that if we want more out of life, then we have to put more effort in. 

Meant with love! 

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