Simply download the image below to your phone. 

And then see daily how each message applies to you. 



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Tarot Horoscope 39



Each day, see how the messages work out for you.



If you are using my book Tarot in 5 Minutes to learn Tarot, then turn to each card in the book for much more detailed guidance each day. 

These are the Tarot cards I drew to create the above messages:
(Notice all of the SWORDS – swords represent communication – thoughts you have, and the things that you say and that are said to you):

9 of Swords  – Monday 

Page of Swords – Tuesday 

The Lovers  – Wednesday (notice it is is Major card!)

King of Swords – Thursday

2 of Swords – Friday

Ace of Swords – Weekend

Be sure to read what I say on page 5 of the book about Major and Minor cards. 

Treat yourself to deeper daily guidance!

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