The Sun Tarot, Witches Tarot Deck

Card: Witches Tarot

Your birthday falls in April or May

You received the Sun message.

The Sun is a major arcana card, which means this message is important. 

The Sun represents good health, energy and success. 

The beautiful boy on the horse radiates happiness. He is looking forward to the future. He may not know what it will bring, but he doesn’t care. He has faith. He wants you to know, that whether you worry about the future, or look forward to it, the outcome is the same. He knows this. Which is why he chooses optimism and the present, and is so much more joyful as a result. It is the secret to a happy life. 

Maybe you have been through some ups and downs? Don’t worry, your soul is like this golden boy – it will always revert to youthful optimism.This is why people are drawn to you. It is why you always look younger than your age. It is why you will always attract opportunities out of the blue. It is why your life will always be an adventure. 

You received this card today as a reminder. Live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself. 


Additional Meanings

** If you are worried about a child, don’t worry. They’ll be fine. 
** If you are considering emigrating. Yes, it’s a good idea.
** If you are worried about your health or test results, all will be well. 

~ Karina ~

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