Emperor Tarot Card - Tarot of the Ages

Card: Tarot Of The Ages

Your birthday falls in June or November

You received the Emperor message.

The Emperor means that it is time to deal with a problem that has been holding you back. 

You should not wait for perfect timing to shape the future you want. You must occupy the driving seat of this Ferrari which is your life. 

Fortunately, the Universe is sending you a blast of motivation so that you can set in motion what needs to happen. Make the most of this powerful time to enact changes in your career, study, personal projects (like weight loss or healing) or relationships. Wherever it is you wish ‘more’ of in your life.

Please note, the Emperor only appears to those for whom Destiny has great plans. So, rest assured, the path ahead is bright and beautiful. 


Additional Meanings

** If you’re applying for a job with a large company or institution, you will be successful. 
** If you asked about your life purpose, consider counselling or teaching.
** If you are struggling with authorities, be patient. All will turn out well. 
** If you are curious about past lives, explore a past life you had in Ancient Egypt.


~ Karina ~

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