9 of Swords Light Seer Tarot

Tarot Deck: Lightseer Tarot

Your Name Begins with ‘H’

You received the 9 of Swords, dearest H

This card can seem a little bleak. Perhaps you are feeling worried about something, anxious, lonely or depressed.

The cause of your concern may be very real, like health, relationships, money problems or work. Then again, you may simply be anxious about what tomorrow will bring. 

The night can play tricks with our mind. You are gently guided to assess your worries in the calm of the day, or talk them over with someone.  

The key message dear H, is that choosing hope over fear, right now – will put you in a better mind frame to make the most of the beautiful opportunities about to come your way.

Or perhaps you already know this and have already changed? If so, take this as your confirmation that you are on the right path. 

Additional Meanings

** Anxiety is habit forming. Are you continually replacing one worry with the next?
** You are suffering insomnia or hot flashes. 

~ Karina 


If your name does not begin with H, but you found your way to this note -then this numerology message. It is for you! 

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