Magician Tarot of Eli, Lightseer Tarot

Left Card: Tarot of Eli
Right Card: Lightseer Tarot

Your Name Begins with ‘R’

You received the Magician, dearest R. I was inspired to give you two versions of this card because you may connect with one more than the other. If so, look at the picture you connect with for a while, let your imagination flow. Wait and see where your mind wanders. This is how cards trigger an opening so that higher powers can plant new thoughts.

Your message today is: Push yourself. Make it happen.

Now is the time to follow through on your idea.  The magician on the left is pointing his wand towards Heaven, and his other hand to the ground. This means you can channel magical powers from above and turn your wishes into some real and concrete. The world is ready for you. Have confidence in yourself and your decisions going forward. You are ready for this next stage in your life. 

Additional Meanings

** Now is the time to finish half-finished projects.
** If you have shown an interest in spiritual pursuits, now is the time to take your skills to the next level.
** If you are hoping to conceive, the signs are good.

~ Karina ~

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