Message for Water Signs - Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio


I asked Higher Powers for a message for my favourite little Water signs today.




You received the 10 of Pentacles


Where you live and who you live with is important to your future happiness. 

Depending on your situation – one of the messages below is for you. 

  • ** It is the right time to decide where you want to live for the long-term.
    Where you move to next is where you are going to settle for many years.  Finally you can put down long-term roots.

    ** Being around family is important for your long-term happiness. 

** Consider starting a business or project with other family members.
If you are already doing this, that project will do well financially in the longer-term. Be patient. 

** If you are waiting on a financial settlement or legal situation, it will resolve well in your favour.

** Be kind to your loved ones, because they provide the emotional foundation you need to be happy and successful.

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Time to do this my water sign ...

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