This week, I asked the angels for you:

ANGELS, what opportunities are you sending me this week?

Everyday, angels send us opportunities designed to help us. Mostly, we don’t pay attention because they are not ‘big’ obvious things.

Now – with these messages, you will become much more aware! Exciting.

Download the image below to your phone, and refer to it during the week.


Each day, see how the message relates to you. It is designed to make you more aware during the day.


If you are using my book Tarot in 5 Minutes to learn Tarot, then turn to each card in the book for much more detailed guidance each day. 

These are the Tarot cards I drew to create the above messages: 

Monday 🍀
The Tower
(A destiny card – so an important day)

Tuesday 🍀
The Devil
(Another destiny card)

Knight of Wands

Thursday 🍀
The Empress
(Yet another destiny card!)

Knight of Swords

Weekend 🍀
The Hermit
(WOW, yet another destiny card!!!)

Tarot in 5 Minutes