Most people will pass this message by. It won’t interest them enough to click on it. 
And so it is with life. What is meant for you, will not pass you by. 

If you do land on this page, then it means you are meant to hear this message: 


Why You?

At this moment in time there are 7.5 billion people alive on earth. 

Not only that, but billions have gone before you. And billions will go after you. 

This is meant to make you feel both SMALL and BIG. 

Small, poof … life is over quickly. 

Big, poof, because life is so precious. 

Yet, out of all these billions of people, one person stands out as different. That is you. From your perspective, YOU will always see the world from a unique perspective, because you are the only person who can, or ever will, experience it through your eyes. 

Presumably, you could have been born as any one of those other billions. But you were not. Something determined that you would be born in your particular body. 

Seriously stop and take a moment to think about that. 

You are one in 7.5 billion unique. 

Whatever your challenges, big or small – isn’t it time to say – I will have the courage to say what I feel, do what I feel, act on what I feel?

Feelings are your guidance. They are your link to the Divine. If your feelings inspire you to think better, act better or improve – even if it is scary or difficult  – then you must listen. 

Why you? Because you are you. Simple. 

So get on with living and being you. Listen to your feelings.


Amaze Yourself

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