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Deep in your heart you are aware of your healing abilities.  Perhaps you’ve received feedback from others about the way your words or touch have helped heal them. You are urged to take your healing work to the next level. If you are already working as a healer, take this as a sign that there is much more to your gift if you apply yourself in a more focused way.

Higher Powers applaud your recent choices. Keep going! This is a year of personal transformation, so have no doubt that you are on the right path to great success. What is your wish? Because you are on the path to getting it!


You can charm anyone when you try – even people who are difficult and unfriendly. Smile, it is your gift to the world – and your weapon! It will disarm and subtly influence people to your way of thinking and help you achieve what you want. Be nice, even under stress … it will bring you abundance.


Don’t doubt yourself, you have good intuition, so listen to it. What truth have you been avoiding? Face it now, short-term pain will result in amazing long-term gain. 

What goes around comes around! Your kindness is noted by Higher Powers, and you are storing up a bank of good karma (payback) for the future. No-one ever became poorer by giving, and believe me, you will never be spiritually poor.  Perhaps eventually a financial windfall will come your direction too. 

Your prayers have been heard and assistance is coming- although in an unexpected way. Your support may show in the form of another person, money, new opportunity, brilliant idea or gift.  Say ‘thank you angels for all your support’. Feel gratitude, even if your support has not yet manifested.

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