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Angel Answers Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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CARD 1: Improving Health 
The angels want you to know that the health of the person you asked about or are thinking about is going to improve. If you asked whether a situation would ‘improve’ or ‘heal’, then yes it will.
You can ask the assistance of Archangel Raphael, the great healer, to speed things along. 

CARD 2: Within The Next Few Months

Whatever you asked about will occur within the next few months. 

CARD 3: Unlikely

The situation you asked about is unlikely to occur as you want or imagine it. A different outcome is likely, which will be for your highest and greatest good. 

CARD 4: Yes!

Whatever you asked about will happen. As this is a general reading, the timing will be different for each of you. 

CARD 5: Choose a new direction

The time has come to choose a new direction, an alternative route to getting what you really want. 

CARD 6: A year from now 

What you asked about will happen by the middle of 2022. While you are waiting, try to remain optimistic. A smile goes a long way. 

CARD 7: Big, happy changes

Big positive changes are coming into your life. You may find yourself on a new career path, new relationship, better health, or better finances or moving into a new home or location. Trust whatever way events unfold before you.

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